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Koshimoto Takes Trophy in Dallas Riichi Open

Koshimoto Takes Trophy in Dallas Riichi Open

Last weekend, sixteen players gathered in Grapevine, Texas for two days of competitive riichi mahjong.  Many were local to Dallas/Fort Worth, but half traveled from the far corners of the United States to attend. Eight hanchan were played over those two days at the Grapevine Convention Center. Six pre-seated hanchan after which all scores were halved prior to the 7th hanchan semi-final locking the top 8 into an upper bracket. Following that, the top 8 were broken into an first and secondary bracket for the final hanchan.
Day one saw a couple of players, James Bragg (CO) and Ryan Adams (FL), distinguish themselves early by recording some large points that carried them into the final cut. Daniel Moreno (CA) started modestly, but was the only player to record consistently positive points throughout the entire tournament granting him a seat at the final table as

Tina Koshimoto lands a powerful yakuman at the close of the third hanchan.

well. Tina Koshimoto (TX) started the first day with negative points in hanchan 1 and 2, but made a huge hit in hanchan 3 with a kokushi muso (Thirteen Orphans) yakuman off of another player who was already stuck in noten riichi, saving him from the chombo but doing more damage to his score sinking it well into negative. On day two she recorded much stronger hanchan which landed her on the top table as well. In hanchan 6 played on day two, Scott Clark (TX) and Peter Burgos (TX), seated at different tables but both of whom were ranging in the upper end of the bottom bracket, each scored dealer yakuman hands with su anko (Four Concealed Pons) and shot into the upper bracket before the cutoff at hanchan 7.

In a tense final round Tina Koshimoto, currently placing 3rd, won the tournament in South 4, passing 2nd place James Bragg and covering the 20 points needed to unseat Daniel Moreno who ranked first after hanchan 7. Tina’s victory qualifies her for play in the upcoming World Riichi Championship taking place in Las Vegas this October.
The biggest and most disappointing fall in the semi-finals came from Eric Nguyen (TX). Although he made the top eight cut for round 7, he was caught in noten riichi which converted to a chombo and further lost enough points to take his table score negative from which he never recovered. Eric scored 8th due to the tournament’s locked bracket format.
DFWM 2017 Riichi Open final four (from left): Daniel Moreno, James Bragg, Tina Koshimoto, Ryan Adams
1 Tina Koshimoto 89.45
2 James Bragg 80
3 Daniel Moreno 77.75
4 Ryan Adams -2.75
5 David Bresnick 61.35
6 Peter Burgos 13.5
7 Scott Clark (Substitute) -27.6
8 Eric Nguyen -85.75
9 Sean Sunbury 26.4
10 Jacob Krause 2.8
11 Yuriy Sinyenko -12.4
12 Shane Zamora -14
13 Teemu Koponen -19.55
14 Garrett Sandifer -33.85
15 Daniel Burnham -72.7
16 Jasmine Tan -72.95

2017 DFW Riichi Open is now a qualifier for the 2017 WRC in Las Vegas

static1-squarespaceIt’s official! DFW Mahjong has received approval to host the upcoming DFW Riichi Open as a qualifier event for the World Riichi Championship being held October 4th – 8th in Las Vegas. This is still a while off but seats to this championship are in demand, so don’t wait! Qualifier events are cropping up – get yourself registered as soon as possible. You can register for the DFW Riichi Open here.

In addition, we will be receiving some sponsorship from Yellow Mountain Imports, a regular source for mahjong supplies in North America.


2017 Riichi Open Now Registering

2017 Riichi Open Now Registering

This April 8th and 9th, DFW Mahjong will be hosting a riichi mahjong tournament at the Grapevine Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas! This tournament is open to the public and a couple of very exciting prospects are in the works.

First, DFW Mahjong is negotiating with the official host, the United States Professional Mahjong League, for an invitation to 2017 Word Riichi Championship being held in Las Vegas! This will be a prestigious five day event hosting over 200 national and international players at The Palm Casino Resort.

Next, we are organizing a group outing to the Texas Star Dinner Theater for a murder mystery dinner that Saturday night. The production company, Lone Star Murder Mysteries has a record of award winning shows. This is an optional event in addition to the tournament.

Details for the tournament and any events can be found on the tournament page. I will post any news and updates as details are finalized.