WRC 2017 Dates Announced

WRC 2017 Dates Announced

static1.squarespace.pngThe World Riichi Championship has announced the dates of its anticipated second international tournament. The 2017 World Riichi Championship will be held at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 4th-8th. There aren’t many details beyond that yet, though they have mentioned that there will be room packages available with registration once it is open. Entry fees and qualifications are still an outstanding question.

Anyone interested in staying updated or showing support for the major event, the first of its kind to be hosted in North America, can join the WRC mailing list.


DFWRM Pilot League Kicked Off


DFW Riichi Mahjong launched it’s 2016/2017 league series today with the first event hosted at Potager’s Other Stuff located in downtown Arlington. Although a venue has not yet been chosen, the second game will be held within Dallas county on November 13. See the League Play page for the full schedule and current standings.

DFWRM has drawn players from all over the Dallas/Fort Worth metro and Denton and are always happy to introduce new players to the game. Please contact us here or on our Facebook page if you’re interested in learning how to play, attend an open play meetup, or have an event that you think may make a good fit for DFWRM.

2016/2017 Pilot League Now Registering

DFW Riichi Mahjong will be launching our first league event series with the 2016/2017 Pilot League. The events are open to to the public, though prior registration is required and a working experience of the game is recommended.

The season launches 23 October 2016 and runs through 11 June 2017. Information and registration can be found on the league information page.

Registration closes October 20.


WRC Announces 2017 Tournament Locale

The World Riichi Championship has announced that the 2017 championship will be held in Las Vegas, hosted by the USPML. The final dates and venue are pending, but the the tournament is bookmarked for late September, early October.

The WRC is an invitational tournament managed by the World Riichi Competition Committee comprised of representatives from riichi mahjong organizations around the world. The first WRC tournament was hosted in Paris, France in 2014 by the co-founders of the TNT French Riichi Mahjong Club and attracting 120 players from 23 countries. The 2017 tournament promises to see many of those players return and more besides!

Keep an eye out for tournaments and events over the next year that offer qualifying seats this competition.

North American Riichi Mahjong Association Now Accepting Memberships

narma20appNARMA has opened its doors and is now accepting membership applications from the public. You can apply here.

There are a few levels of membership available and no dues.


An Individual membership is open to those interested in supporting the association’s objectives in regards to the North American riichi mahjong community and who are residents of a North American country. This membership grants the individual a vote on association business in General Meetings. Applications must be approved by the Board.


Associate memberships are open to anyone who intends to participate in tournaments, qualifiers, promotions, and other competitions and social events of the organization. Or to those that simply wish to stay informed through organization notices or simply appear on the membership roster. This is not a voting position.


Club memberships are open to mahjong play groups, including clubs and leagues, with a presence in North America. It is not required that every member register with NARMA. Registered clubs may designate a representative (and an alternate if necessary) who may cast a vote on association business at General Meetings, and allows the club to be registered on NARMA’s club directory. Applications must be approved by the Board.


Consulting memberships are reserved for designated individuals outside of North America who NARMA invites to attend meetings in order to offer their specific expertise and knowledge to the association. These memberships are by invitation only and must be approved by the board.


2nd Montreal Riichi Open

Club Riichi de Montreal is currently registering participants in the 2nd annual Montreal Riichi Open, to be held at Collège de Maisonneuve on June 4th and 5th, 2016.

This will be an 8 hanchan tournament (4 rotations on Saturday, 4 on Sunday) using WRC competition rules. Registration is listed at 45 CAD/35 USD, though there may be a small discount for early registrations.

Email tournoi2016@riichi.ca for information or to register. Official information can be found on the club’s site at http://riichi.ca/