North American Riichi Mahjong Association Now Accepting Memberships

narma20appNARMA has opened its doors and is now accepting membership applications from the public. You can apply here.

There are a few levels of membership available and no dues.


An Individual membership is open to those interested in supporting the association’s objectives in regards to the North American riichi mahjong community and who are residents of a North American country. This membership grants the individual a vote on association business in General Meetings. Applications must be approved by the Board.


Associate memberships are open to anyone who intends to participate in tournaments, qualifiers, promotions, and other competitions and social events of the organization. Or to those that simply wish to stay informed through organization notices or simply appear on the membership roster. This is not a voting position.


Club memberships are open to mahjong play groups, including clubs and leagues, with a presence in North America. It is not required that every member register with NARMA. Registered clubs may designate a representative (and an alternate if necessary) who may cast a vote on association business at General Meetings, and allows the club to be registered on NARMA’s club directory. Applications must be approved by the Board.


Consulting memberships are reserved for designated individuals outside of North America who NARMA invites to attend meetings in order to offer their specific expertise and knowledge to the association. These memberships are by invitation only and must be approved by the board.



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