North American Riichi Mahjong Association Establishes Bylaws

Yesterday, in a meeting of delegates from across North America, bylaws establishing the North American Riichi Mahjong Association (NARMA) were passed and officers elected. This marks the creation of the first ever organization representing the interests of the U.S. and Canada to the global mahjong community.

NARMA is the collaborative product of interested representatives from previously dissociate clubs across the continent, although its guiding focus has been spearheaded by David Bresnick (United States Professional Mahjong League.) NARMA seeks to encourage awareness and participation of riichi mahjong by connecting players to local clubs, provide resources for teaching and training, organize national-scale tournaments, and present a credible face to mahjong organizations around the globe.

After making final amendments to the bylaws, requisite officers for the association were elected to fill the required positions. The officers are:

David Bresnick (President)
Daniel Moreno (Vice-President)
Sean Hunt (Secretary)
Luke Morgan
Grant Mahoney
Aldwin Gordula
Donald Clark
Edwin Dizon
Steve Smith


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